Hungarian doctoral degrees awarded


Anna Bárdits

Thesis title: Essays In Labor and Health Economics

Supervisor: Ádám Szeidl


Luca Flóra Drucker

Thesis title: Essays on the Behavioral Economics of Inequality

Supervisors: Botond Kőszegi and Daniel Horn

István Boza

Thesis title: Possibilities in Linked Employer-Employee Panek Data

Supervisors: Andrea Weber and János Köllő

Lajos Tamás Szabó

Thesis title: Essays on Topical Labour Market Issues: Evidence from Hungary
Supervisor: Andrea Weber, Robert Lieli

Ágoston Reguly

Thesis title: Essays on Topical Labour Market Issues: Evidence from Hungary
Supervisor: László Mátyás, Robert Lieli


Dániel Baksa

Thesis title: Three Essays on Econometrics
Supervisor: Attila Rátfai

Balázs Vonnák

Thesis title: New ways to estimate the dynamic effects of macroeconomic policies
Supervisor: Róbert Lieli


Olivér Miklós Rácz

Thesis title: Essays in Applied Macroeconomics
Supervisor: Adam Szeidl

Judit Krekó

Thesis title: Essays in Empirical Analysis of Economic Policy
Supervisor: Weber Andrea, Robert Lieli, Almos Telegdy

Gábor Révész

Thesis title: Essays on Housing and Media Market
Supervisor: Ádám Szeidl

Balázs Krusper

Thesis title: The Effect of Choice on Beliefs and Markets
Supervisor: Ádám Szeidl


László Balázsi

Thesis title: The Econometrics of Linear Models for Multi-dimensional Panels
Supervisor: László Mátyás

Suparna Das

Thesis title: Essays in Development Economics with Special Emphasis on Gender Inequalities
Supervisor: Andrea Weber

Franklin Maduko

Thesis title: Three Essays in International Trade
Supervisor: Miklós Koren

Vladimir Mikhailov

Thesis title: Essays on Social Networks and Economic Behavior
Supervisor: Adam Szeidl

Erzsébet Judit Rariga

Thesis title: Essays on Firm and Household Borrowing
Supervisor: Adam Szeidl


Divényi János Károly

Thesis title: Three Essays on Causal Effects: Identification in a Novel Setting and Two Empirical Studies
Supervisor: Robert Lieli, Gábor Kézdi

Attila Gáspár

Thesis title: Essays in the Political Economy of Development
Supervisor: Ádám Szeidl

Győző Gyöngyösi

Thesis title: Essays on Foreign Currency Borrowing of Households
Supervisor: Ádám Szeidl

Gergely Hajdu

Thesis title: Essays in Behavioral Economics
Supervisor: Botond Kőszegi

Rita Pető

Thesis title: Essays in Labor Economics
Supervisor: Adam Szeidl

Balázs Reizer

Thesis title: Topics in Labor Economics
Supervisor: István Kónya


Pawel Bukowski

Thesis title: Essays on the Economics of Education
Supervisor: John Sutherland Earle

Miklós Farkas

Thesis title: Three Essays in Financial Economics
Supervisor: Péter Kondor

Gábor-Tóth Enikő

Thesis title: Household Heterogeneity, Trade and Macroeconomics
Supervisor: Miklós Koren


Márta Bisztray

Thesis title: Indirect effects of international investment and trade
Supervisor: Adam Szeidl

Calin Vlad Demian

Thesis title: Essays on International Trade and Heterogeneity
Supervisor: Miklós Koren

Kinga Marczell

Thesis title: Three Essays on the Relationship Between Health and Labor Market Outcomes
Supervisor: Botond Kőszegi

Balint Menyhert

Thesis title: History as an Agent of Growth: Natural Experiments from Central Europe
Supervisor: Miklós Koren

Palma Mosberger

Thesis title: Essays on Responses to Taxation
Supervisors: Botond Kőszegi, Robert Lieli

Jenő Pál

Thesis title: Essays on news consumption and dynamic programming
Supervisor: Miklós Koren

Vukan Vujić

Thesis title: Essays on Applied Economics
Supervisor: Sergey Lychagin, László Halpern


Anna Adamecz

Thesis title: Essays on the Evaluation of Educational Policies

Peter Farkas

Thesis title: Boundary Crossing Counting Processes- Theory and Applications in Statistics and Finance
Supervisors: László Mátyás, Péter Kondor

Dzsamila Vonnák

Thesis title: Frictions in credit markets
Supervisor: Péter Kondor

Péter Zsohár

Thesis title: Three Essays in Industrial Organization
Supervisor: Miklós Koren


Corina Haita

Thesis title: Emissions Trading Schemes: Theoretical Modeling and Behavioral Investigation
Supervisor: Andrzej Baniak

Ágnes Szabó-Morvai

Thesis title: Essays on Maternal Employment Policies
Supervisor: John Sutherland Earle


Péter Harasztosi

Thesis title: Essays on agglomeration economics and trade
Supervisor: Miklós Koren

András Péter Kiss

Thesis title: Essays on Consumer Search and Switching
Supervisor: Péter Kondor

Katarina Lukacsy

Thesis title: Essays on Price Setting Mechanisms


Anikó Bíró

Thesis title: Essays on Aging and Health


Gábor Antal

Thesis title: Wages and Foreign Direct Invesment in Hungary
Supervisor: John Sutherland Earle

Peter Gabriel

Thesis title: Explaining inflation dynamics: the role of price setting rules, expectations and exchange rate
Supervisor: István Kónya

Ágnes Horváth

Thesis title: Essays on Pension Systems, Mobility and Welfare Politics

Gábor Koltay

Thesis title: From Structural Estimation to Quasi Experiment: Three essays on Exchange Rate

Mariann Rigó

Thesis title: Three Essays on Wages and Productivity in Hungary
Supervisor: John Sutherland Earle


Dóra Benedek


Cecília Hornok

Thesis title: Essays on International Trade Barriers
Supervisor: Miklós Koren

Attila Kincses

Thesis title: Empirical Essays on the Demand of Unsecured Credit
Supervisor: László Mátyás


Zsombor Cseres-Gergely

Thesis title: Essays on Labour Market Behaviour at the Beginning and End of the Active Life-Cycle