Dissertation Topics in AY 2020/21




The Econometrics of Multi-dimensional Panel Data László Mátyás
Empirical analysis of the barriers to international trade Miklós Koren
Behavioral Economics with Applications to Education and Personnel Economics Marc Kaufmann
The role of social insurance programs in the labor market Andrea Weber
Possibilities in Linked Employer-employee Panel Data Andrea Weber
Firm Demographics and the Macroeconomy Miklós Koren
Optimum Currency Area Theory Julius Horvath
Development Economics Laszlo Csaba
Productivity and international trade Adam Szeidl
Topics in Econometrics Robert Lieli
Spatial Competition Miklós Koren
Estimation theory in econometrics László Mátyás
Behavioral Industrial Organization Botond Kőszegi
Firm Demographies and the Macroeceonomy Miklós Koren
Networks and Behavioral Economics Botond Kőszegi
Applied Microeconomics Sergey Lychagin