Student theses

Access to full texts of CEU theses is available through the Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) system maintained by the CEU Library.

Thesis author Title Thesis supervisor Keyword(s) Year of enrollment
Balázsi, László The Econometrics of Linear Models for Multi-dimensional Panels László Mátyás 2013/2014
Das, Suparna Essays in Development Economics with Special Emphasis on Gender Inequalities Andrea Weber 2013/2014
Maduko, Franklin Three Essays in International Trade Miklós Koren 2013/2014
Mikhailov, Vladimir Essays on Social Networks and Economic Behavior Adam Szeidl 2013/2014
Gyöngyösi, Győző Essays on Foreign Currency Borrowing of Households Adam Szeidl 2012/2013
Reizer, Balázs Topics in Labor Economics István Kónya 2012/2013
Bukowski, Pawel Essays on the Economics of Education John Sutherland Earle 2011/2012
Farkas, Miklós Three Essays in Financial Economics Péter Kondor
Adam Zawadowski
Bisztray, Márta Indirect effects of international investment and trade Adam Szeidl 2010/2011
Demian, Calin Vlad Essays on International Trade and Heterogeneity Miklós Koren 2010/2011
Galiullina, Lyudmila To be specified 2010/2011
Magyari, Ildikó To be specified 2010/2011
Marczell, Kinga To be specified 2010/2011
Marczell, Kinga Three Essays on the Relationship Between Health and Labor Market Outcomes Botond Kőszegi 2010/2011
Menyhert, Balint History as an Agent of Growth: Natural Experiments from Central Europe Miklós Koren 2010/2011
Mosberger, Palma Essays on Responses to Taxation 2010/2011
Nagy, Eszter To be specified 2010/2011
Pál, Jenő To be specified 2010/2011
Pál, Jenő Essays on news consumption and dynamic programming Miklós Koren 2010/2011
Todirica, Cornel To be specified 2010/2011
Vujić, Vukan To be specified 2010/2011
Vujić, Vukan Essays on Applied Economics 2010/2011
Adamecz, Anna Essays on the Evaluation of Educational Policies 2009/2010
Bejaković, Srđan To be specified 2009/2010
Farkas, Peter Boundary Crossing Counting Processes- Theory and Applications in Statistics and Finance 2009/2010
Pallis, Alexandros To be specified 2009/2010
Vonnák, Dzsamila Frictions in credit markets Péter Kondor 2009/2010
Zsohár, Peter To be specified 2009/2010
Zsohár, Peter Three Essays in Industrial Organization Miklós Koren 2009/2010
Büti, Krisztina To be specified 2008/2009