László Csaba

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Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
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+36 1 327-3080
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PhD, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Dr. Univ., Budapest University of Economic Sciences
Dr. Sci., Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Dr. habil., Hungarian Academy of Sciences
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László CSABA is professor of international political economy at Central European University and Corvinus University of Budapest, as well as Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Author of 11 books, editor of 6 volumes, as well as 330 articles and chapters in books published in 22 countries. In 1999-2000 President of the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies. On the editorial board of 9 international and 5 Hungarian academic journals.His academic work invited over 123 reviews and 1765 independent citations internationally. His recent output includes the books: Crisis in Economics?/2009 and The New Political Economy of Emerging Europe-2d revised edition/2007, both Akadémiai/W.Kluwer, as well as the chapters:’Enlargement of the EU’ in: TURLEY,G.- HARE,P.G.eds: Routledge Handbook on Transition. London: Taylor and Francis, 2012 and ’ Hungary: the Janus-faced success story of transition’ in: FOSU,A.ed: Developmental Success: Historical Accounts from More Advanced Countries’, Oxford-New York: Oxford University Press, 2012, pp254-276. For more info cf his personal web: www.csabal.com

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European monetary integration; EU enlargement/s; European neighbourhood policy; European crisis management; Emerging Europe
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