Julius Horváth

Head of MA in Global Economic Relations Program
Egyetemi tanár
Nador u. 11
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+36 1 327-3248
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PhD, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA
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Julius Horvath is the former Acting Dean of CEU Business School (academic year 2016/2017), Professor in the Department of International Relations and Economics (from 2005), and an "egyetemi tanar, " or "university professor" of Economics in the Hungarian system (from 2009). He is a member of Academia Europea. Also he is a former (2006-2011, 2014-2016) Head of the Department of Economics  and also former Head of Department of International Relations (2002-2006). His main interest lies in international economic policy issues, political economy of monetary relations, and history of economic thought. At CEU he teaches courses on Global Economy: Emergence and Issues, History of Economic Thought, International Economic Policy and Political Economy of International Money. He has published in journals as Journal of Comparative Economics, Contemporary Economic Policy, Applied Economics, Economic Systems, Journal of Economic Development, Journal of Quantitative Economics, Journal of Economic Integration, Nationalities Papers, Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination. He has published also chapters at publishing houses as Palgrave MacMillan, Edgar Elgar, Logos Moscow, Kluwer Academic, Duncker and Humblot Berlin, Social Science Information Centre Berlin. He was a Member of the Slovak and Czech Accreditation Committees, and the Chair of the Slovak Economic Association. He serves on the editorial boards of 11 academic journals.

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Political economy; Political economy of international money; Financial
currency crisis; Monetary integration; Central and Eastern European countries
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