Doctoral Defenses

Defense date Thesis author Thesis Title Thesis supervisor
18 October 2018 Győző Gyöngyösi Essays on Foreign Currency Borrowing of Households Adam Szeidl
19 June 2018 Vukan Vujić Essays on Applied Economics
4 December 2017 Jenő Pál Essays on News Consumption and Dynamic Programming Miklós Koren
7 June 2017 Balint Menyhert History as an Agent of Growth: Natural Experiments from Central Europe Miklós Koren
7 June 2017 Vladimir Mikhailov Essays on Social Networks and Economic Behavior Adam Szeidl
25 May 2017 Miklós Farkas Three Essays in Financial Economics Péter Kondor
Adam Zawadowski
28 March 2017 László Balázsi The Econometrics of Linear Models for Multi-dimensional Panels László Mátyás
28 October 2016 Anna Adamecz Essays on the Evaluation of Educational Policies
5 October 2016 Calin Vlad Demian Essays on International Trade and Heterogeneity Miklós Koren
26 September 2016 Márta Bisztray Indirect Effects of International Investment and Trade Adam Szeidl
20 September 2016 Balázs Reizer Essays in labor economics: The effect of wage setting constrains and benefit policies on the employment level István Kónya
20 June 2016 Pawel Bukowski Essays on the Economics of Education John Sutherland Earle
14 June 2016 Palma Mosberger "Essays on responses to taxation"
31 May 2016 Dzsamila Vonnák Frictions in Credit Markets Péter Kondor
15 January 2016 Peter Farkas Boundary Crossing Counting Processes
24 November 2015 Ágnes Szabó-Morvai Essays on Maternal Employment Policies John Sutherland Earle
30 March 2015 András Péter Kiss Essays on Consumer Search and Switching Péter Kondor
29 January 2014 Corina HAITA Emissions Trading Schemes: Theoretical Modeling and Behavioral Investigation Andrzej Baniak
16 December 2013 Péter Harasztosi Essays on agglomeration economics and trade Miklós Koren
12 June 2013 Ágnes Horváth Essays on Pension Systems, Mobility and Welfare Politics
12 June 2012 Mariann Rigó Three Essays on Wages and Productivity John Sutherland Earle
20 February 2012 Gábor Koltay From Structural Estimation to Quasi Experiment: Three essays on Exchange Rate Konrad Stahl
12 January 2012 Peter Gabriel Explaining Inflation Dynamics: the Role of Price Setting Rules, Expectations and Exchange Rate István Kónya
7 December 2011 Katarina Lukacsy Essays on Price Setting Mechanism
4 November 2011 Anikó Bíró Essays on Aging and Health
25 October 2011 Gábor Antal Wages and Foreign Direct Invesment in Hungary John Sutherland Earle
13 September 2011 Cecília Hornok Essays on International Trade Barriers Miklós Koren
22 January 2010 Attila Kincses Empirical Analyses on the Demand of Unsecured Credit László Mátyás
5 December 2009 Nurbek Jenish Essays in Open Economy Macroeconomics
19 November 2009 Zsombor Cseres-Gergely Essays on Labour Market Behaviour at the Beginning and End of the Active Life-Cycle
11 June 2009 Szilárd Benk Essays on Monetary Business Cycle with Credit Julius Horváth
3 November 2008 Zoltán Jakab Topics in Open Economy Macroeconomics: Currency Choice and Exchange Rate Pass-Through and An estimated DSGE model of the Hungarian Economy Attila Rátfai
22 September 2008 Anna Naszódi Exchange rates, regime switches and currency options László Mátyás
27 February 2008 Balázs Muraközy Spillovers from FDI in Hungary László Halpern
14 June 2006 Ádám Szentpéteri Government Objectives, Incentives, and Privatization John Sutherland Earle
13 June 2006 Ádám Reiff Measuring the Costs of Investment: Lessons from Firm-Level Investment Behavior Attila Rátfai
12 June 2006 Dana Popa Objective Factor or Subjective Preferences? Determinants of Voting Behavior in Post-Communist Romania (1995-2001) Ugo Pagano
13 May 2006 Miklós Szalay Contributron: An Interdisciplinary Study and an Agent-Based Modeling Tool of Human Cooperation Ugo Pagano
30 March 2006 Gheorghe Silberberg Derivative Pricing with Symmetry Analysis László Mátyás
10 October 2005 Gergely Csorba Three Essays on Monopolist Second-degree Discrimination Strategies in the Presence of Positive Network Effects