The Doctoral School in Economics at CEU was launched in 2000/2001. The program has been accredited in the US since the beginning; its Hungarian accreditation took place in 2005. Each year 7-8 students are admitted into the program. The language of teaching is English, its structure and the content follow the US standards. The Doctoral School provides up-to-date knowledge in economic theory, quantitative methods and several applied fields. Quality education is assured by internationally recognized Faculty with research interests in many areas in economics. The program prepares the students for careers in education, research and the public sector.

In the past few years our PhD graduates have found work at such renowned places like the National Bank of Hungary, European Commission, IMF, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences/Institute of Economics, or McKinsey Consulting.


Thursday September 19

Rita Pető
10:00am to 12:00pm

Tuesday September 03

Monday August 26

Gergely Hajdu